Amberr Washington

Vice President /Co-Founder &


 Amberr Washington is a native of Chicago, Illinois and an alumni of Columbia College Chicago where she received a bachelor’s degree in Motion Picture Producing and Cinematography.

Amberr Washington earlier years that enticed her pallet for motion picture film were spent as a hip hop artist in a group called Mrs. Two and Crew that toured nationwide in colossal venues and as a choreographer where she also toured with Beauty shop 3.


Amberr Washington has a number of films in her credits as a motion picture Producer and cinematographer. Soul Ties, C’mon Man, The Hustle, Redrum, Blast On, Sunset and Faithless to name a few. Acting as a cinematographer FAITHLESS, j-POW, Create and Destroy, Tina, Bedtime, Star, Gone for good, unyielding Ties, Stardom, A suffers life, Stepping from Chicago to Miami.

After being involved in ground roots producing and distribution, Amberr Washington moved to Los Angeles and continued her road to success through getting involved in marketing and joint venturing up with other industry professionals to maintain consistency in working as a producer and formally forced was forced to go the executive route.

Right now Amberr Washington is producing and is partners with the Hollywood and African Prestigious Awards. Working on both live shows and motion pictures Amberr Washington busy and always looking to continue her growth. 

Award winning artist Michael Adegoke is an Actor, Show host, Humanitarian and a Five Times U.S. Professional Showdance Champion who also ranks 5th in World Showdance Division.  He’s currently licensed under the National Dance Council of America as a competitor and Judge. Adegoke served three consecutive years as a  judge on Nigeria’s two most popular TV dance show titled Maltina Dance All (A Nigerian version of ‘So You Think You Can Dance’) and as a guest judge on Celebrity Takes Two (A Nigerian version of ‘Dancing With The Stars’) seen by over 20 million viewers on 5 major networks.


In 2002 -2007, Michael founded the Salsa Dance Fiesta with the help of his coach Robert Foster in Minneapolis Minnesota with over 2,000 students making it one of the largest in the Midwest. 


Over a two-decade long career, Adegoke has collaborated and graced many prestigious events in Hollywood while performing and sharing stages with other mega stars like Prince (Paisley Park), R&B Star Akon (RCE Tour), Skip Martin (Kool & The Gang) and Lani Misalucha (‘VOICES’ Las Vegas). 

In 2014, Michael hosted the NAFCA Awards and was honored with the Image and Humanitarian and also in 2016 with Claudia Jordan from The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Today he’s the Co-Founder, Producer and Host of the Hollywood and African Prestigious Awards in Hollywood. Michael is currently processing  a Master’s degree in Software Engineering, and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Tele-communications. To book visit

Michael O Adegoke

5 Times U.S. Showdance Champion

Actor & Show Host

Co- Founder / Host  & Producer



Tina Weisinger:  Founder& CEO/ Executive Producer


Amberr Washington: Co-Founder & Vice- President / Producer


Michael Adegoke: Co-Founder/ Producer


Chima Austin: African Community Executive/ President, Brand Ambassadors/ Producer


Adewole Lipede: Head Writer/ Producer


Kanyile Ka- Ngwenya: Chief Creative Officer


Kirin Naulls: Executive Director of Correspondence


Lovett Love: Social Media Director/ Producer


Adeola Odunowo: Producer


Marwan Granville: Producer


Joe White:  Associate Producer